Cook Serve Forever hits Early Access on May 8

Cook Serve Forever

Never stop cooking

Turn the burners on, as Cook Serve Forever is heating up for its Early Access launch. Developer and publisher Vertigo Gaming has announced that Cook Serve Forever will enter its Early Access phase on May 8 for PC.

This latest entry in the Cook Serve series, preceded by the likes of Cook, Serve, Delicious!, is apparently an all-new IP. It will focus on a new adventure and gameplay that focuses on the rhythm of cooking. Basically, you’re going to have a lot of orders coming in, and you’ll need to quickly read and execute the button prompts to get them out. You can see a bit of the cooking chaos in a new trailer today:

Over on the Steam page for Cook Serve Forever, Vertigo dove into a bit about what the Early Access will look like. It will cost $29.99, though owners of previous Cook, Serve, Delicious! games will get a discount.

The initial launch will include “roughly 25%” of the game, with plenty of recipes, over a dozen locations, full cutscenes for this slice of the story, and perks and difficulty options. Further updates, including a local co-op mode, will start rolling out in the summer.

Addressing why Cook Serve Forever is going into Early Access first, the team says it had a great experience with Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!‘s Early Access, and thought it was the “best way” to get the game in players’ hands while also garnering feedback for the 1.0.

I have Cook Served, I will be of Cook Service

That launch is still a ways off, as the roadmap from Vertigo looks to aim for an early 2024 launch for 1.0. That includes both PC, where the Early Access is being held, and consoles. The team isn’t confirming any console platforms for the 1.0 launch, as the approval process would need to take place, but it’s aiming to release Cook Serve Forever on all three major platforms alongside the 1.0 PC release, when that happens.

I played a bit of Cook Serve Forever during one of the Steam demo fests, and thought it was an interesting time. I always like a little bit of virtual cooking, and this was certainly a fast-paced, enter-the-zone way of approaching it. I’ll be curious to see what players make of both the release and eventual updates, as Cook Serve Forever hits Early Access on May 8.

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